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Areias is a New Zealand family owned business located in the heart of Mt Eden village.

We are passionate about what we do, and strive to bring a personal service that offers the highest quality craftsmanship.  We will spend time helping to educate you so that you will feel fully informed with your choices and your beautiful jewellery.

We are about building relationships. So when we were looking for a business location, we wanted to find a location that had a great community spirit, and could connect with our customers.  To that end we found the perfect location in the heart of picturesque  Mount Eden village, only a short 2.4km away from downtown Auckland, and serviced regularly by buses.

Mount Eden village sits on the side of Maungawhai, the highest volcano in Auckland, where visitors can enjoy the 360-degree panoramic vistas of the harbours and city from the summit.  Running through the dormant volcano are beautiful meandering walking trails, or the peaceful sanctuary of Eden Gardens, the award winning 5.5 acre gardens boasting waterfalls, rock formations with fabulous flowers and fauna.

Mount Eden village retains a warm and welcoming community culture and is home to a rich cafe and art scene.

Meet The Team

Marco Areias

Michele Areias

Dani Areias


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